KHAYELITSHA, CAPE TOWN: The Makhaza Wetland and Food Growers – the newly minted name for a loose collective of activists who have been working in their Khayelitsha community in recent years – will spend much of next week conducting an ‘asset audit’ to see how they can build on their existing skills, physical assets and social networks. 

This is part of a community-led development approach, hosted by non-governmental organisation the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG), which has been working with the community since 2010.

‘During the course, we will take a look at five areas where the community has different kinds of assets,’ explains EMG’s Thabang Ngcozela. ‘We’ll look at what level of education there is within the group, what their knowledge and skills are. We’ll do an audit of the natural resources in the area, such as the Makhaza wetland, and river, the land in their community and the park.’

Thirdly, the group will do an inventory of their social assets, for instance what kinds of service organisations, sports clubs or funeral groups might be active in the community. Next will be an assessment of the built environment – for instance what homes, halls, roads, and services are present in Makhaza.

‘Finally we’ll try to quantify their financial assets. Where do people get their money from, is it from government grants or from an employer or do they earn from their own business?’

Ngcozela, who also lives in the community, says an asset-based community development approach like this is an alternative model for development.

‘Instead of looking for the needs and the gaps within the community, and at the different problems, and then building programmes around how to solve those problems, we do an inventory of all the social, economic, knowledge and infrastructural assets within the community. Then we see how we can build on those assets.’

EMG will host the workshop process from Monday 26 August to Friday 30 August.

For more information, contact:

 Thabang Ngcozela

Tel: 021 448 2881

Cell: 078 803 4321

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