In December 2017, staff from EMG met with sailors and support staff of the one of the yachts participating in the Volvo around-the-world yacht race -- Vestas 11th Hour Racing.

The Volvo Ocean Race included a stop-over in Cape Town and we had the priviledge of spending the day introducing them team to some of the commuity groups we work with, and sharing with them aspects of our work and our concerns about water management and distribution in the face of drought and climate change.

Artist ND Mazin a.k.a. Andy Mason accompanied us and subsequently produced these 4 brilliant posters. Feel free to download the hi-res printable PDFs by clicking on the thumbnails below (approx 5Meg each). 


TCommunity Food Garden thumbhe Makhaza Food Growers Association in Khayelkitsha, with support from EMG, helps their members with permaculture training, access to seeds and gardening tools, and access to water and land. They are also active in raising awareness in their community about the importance of using water carefully and conserving the local wetland.

Khayelitsha Canoe Club thumbMembers of the Khayelitsha Canoe Club volunteer to teach young kids about boats and safety on the water. They have an obvious interest in ensuring that the Makhaza wetland is maintained and conserved, and are active in river clean-up campaigns and lobbying the City to ensure that waters flowing into the wetland are not polluted by upstream industry. The resonance between the Canoe Club's local concerns and the ocean pollution concerns of Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing were obvious.  

 Table mountain graffitti thumbOur tour included a short walk up the lower slopes of Table Mountain to one of the many mountain streams that once supplied early Cape Town with drinking water. Our resident artist ND Mazin could not resist imagining the imposing face of Table Mountain as a giant graffitti wall...

Two gardens thumbHaving started our tour at a "guerilla garden" in Khayelitsha, we decided to end the tour at the Oranjezicht City Farm, a community garden initiative with very similar aims, but in a very different part of town.

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