After years of working with small-scale farmers of the Suid-Bokkeveld, we were challenged to capture and share some of our learnings. The result is the publication "Adaptation with a Human Face" which was launched at a side event at the recent Climate Change COP18 in Doha.

Adaptation with a human face coverNow you can get your copy!!

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EMG has commissioned exciting research, on fracking and water, and on the water energy nexus.

The first report, entitled 'You can't have your gas and drink your water', by Liane Greeff, looks at fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in the context of South Africa's looming water crisis.

The second report, entitled 'The energy-water nexus: energy demands on water resources', by Brenda Martin and Robert Fischer from Project 90x2030, looks at the water implications of energy production.

They are now available - read them here:

fracking coverwater energy cover