Most of EMG's work is done in close partnership or co-operation with others organisations. Some of the organisations and networks we work with, or who provide useful resources, are listed below... in no particular order of preference:

Climate change


Our community-based climate change adaptation work involves partnerships with rooibos farmers from the Heiveld Co-op, honeybush farmers from the Ericaville Trust, and artisinal fishers who are members of Coastal Links. Assisting us in this work are fellow NGOs Masifundise and Indigo development & change.

The SA Adaptation Network offers a platform for learning and sharing about climate chamge adaptation questions. 

Influential writer George Monbiot said that the industrialised world needs to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by year 2030. Project 90x2030 took up this challenge. Their site includes news and information updates related to transport, energy & waste.

The Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE) has contacts with a wide range of small-farmer organisations and facilitates their involvement in climate change education and campaigns.

A range of organisations across the country (including EMG) have signed on in support of the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign.

In making sense of the complexities of international climate negotiations, we often have to rely on the expertise and analysis of organisations such as WWF.

EMG is a partner in the Climate Smart Cape Town campaign.

A collection of excellent resources for teachers, trainers and others who want to raise awareness about climate change (and particularly water) can be found at the The Democracy Center based in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Fair trade

EMG currently acts as the co-ordinator of the Association for Fairness in Trade, a network of South African small-farmers and farm-workers who produce for the fair trade market. 

We also work closely with Fairtrade Label South Africa and the Southern Africa chapter of Fairtrade Africa. EMG's Noel Oettle sits on the Board of Fairtrade International (FLOev), and Mandy Moussouris serves on FLOs Workers Rights Advisory Committee.


mpumiEMG is a member of the South African Water Caucus, an important forum for civil society exchange, discussion and campaigns on water and related issues.

Provincial Water Caucus chapters have also been established in Mpumalanga, Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, and Eastern Cape.

EMG works with the Social Justice Coalition in a number of their campaigns around sanitation services to informal households in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Strong international links are maintained with one of our key donors, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The International Rivers shares information on rivers, dams and water issues globally. A similar role is played on continent by the African Rivers Network

Resource and archived material on large dams can be sources from the World Commission on Dams.

Rural development

EMG is an active partner in the DryNet network which is building a stronger voice for rural communities in the UN Desertification Convention. DryNet is co-ordinated through Both ENDS

Environmental rights

The Centre for Environmental Rights provides a range of legal services, education and outreach to community groups who's rights have been infringed. EMG's Director, Stephen Law, is currently Chair of the CER's Board. 

The South African Human Rights Commission is a Chapter 9 institution mandated to ensure that our constitutional rights are upheld, including environmental rights.   

Other Organisations

EMG staff serve on various boards or committees of other organisations including:

  • Western Cape Government: Jessica Wilson is part of the PSO7 Sustainable Resource Management Working Group
  • Water Research Commission: EMG staff serve on various Reference Groups for WRC-funded projects

  • UN Conventions: EMG is accredited with observer status with the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

  • Hunterston Centre, Fort Hare: Jessica Wilson is on the Board of this initiative to establish an eco-centre/retreat in the Hogsback area.

  • ACDI Berg River Climate Knowledge Network: EMG staff participate in this UCT-based research group