P1010376Alternative trading systems, particularly fair trade, offer many opportunities for small-scale and emerging farmers. But while fair trade worldwide and in Africa is dominated by products from small-scale farmers, in South Africa they are in a distinct minority.

Of the more than 60 South African producers certified through the international Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) only 4 are small-farmer organisations, and only a handful are worker-owned "commercial" farms.

The remaining are however required to comply with South African BB-BEE requirements, which promote part-ownership of the enterprise by farm-workers.

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Rural Development - Resources

Co-published (2015) by the UNCCD and Tudor Rose, Living Land includes a chapter on EMG's work with small-scale rooibos farmers in the Northern Cape.

The Sustainable Harvest of Wild Rooibos, (2007) Noel Oettle and Rhoda Malgas, EMG (2.1MB) -- ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar by EMG

Juweel van die Berge: Handleiding vir die organiese rooibosboer (2002) Oettle et.al., EMG

Amazing Grace – A mealie farmer’s story (2002), Illustrated by Carlos Amato, EMG & Biowatch, 2nd Ed.

Capitalising on local knowledge - Community knowledge exchange: A toolkit for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of community-to-community knowledge and learning exchanges (2002), Oettle & Koelle, Toolkit 1 - Methodological overview & case studies, Toolkit 2 - Guidelines for Implementation , World Bank

Everybody's cup of tea: Community Action and Rooibos tea (2001) Noel Oettle