SEJN is based in Burgersfort, Greater Tubatse Municipality, Limpopo, in the middle Olifants catchment. They have been organising under the name SEJN for 6 months, but their members have been active community monitors associated with Benchmark Foundation for 5 years, as part of a network of Southern African communities living near mines.

FullSizeRender 1Change Project: Water pollution in the Motse River, by Eustine Matsepane, Mmathapelo Thobejane and Tokelo Mahlakwana

Description: For their changing practice project, SEJN are investigating the sources and impacts of mining pollution in the rivers close to where they live - in particular, the impact on livestock, who frequently die after drinking from the mine streams. They have spoken to herders, farmers and elders in their communities, and have recently started working with a student from the University of Venda to help them take water samples and tissue samples from the dead cattle. They have also lobbied Department of Water and Sanitation to come and take water samples and report back to them on the state of the water in the streams and boreholes, and are doing an excellent job of holding DWS to account. 

Below are some excerpts from the changing practice Whatsapp group

Mmathapelo (26 June):

Good morning comrades, I received a call this morning from Limpopo Dept of Water and Sanitation. We made an appointment and they will do water testing next week... SEJN and other organisations around our area are welcome to come and witness the process, we will also have a team of livestock owners. Patience pays at last. 

Tokelo (5 July):

Today we were meeting with this guy from DWS. The purpose of the meeting was to make relationships between DWS, the communities, ward committees, ward counselors, water committees, CDWs ( Community Development Workers) and SDM( Sekhukhune District Municipality). The communities were reporting on how they suffer to get water especially from bore holes, and dams that are made by the municipality. This is when I started to see that our DWS don't do their jobs because they don't know where the problems are. We started to ask him whether he remembers the time they tested the bore holes and dams, and this showed him that we do know that the water we drink is very contaminated. The meeting was great because they said they will come back after two weeks with responsible people.

Mmathapelo (18 August):IMG 4250

Today the [University of Venda] student and SEJN members started the day by collecting water samples from the upper catchment of the Motse river next to Lolo mountain (Mmatadi) where we collected fresh water. We proceeded to a mine stream, where Motse River meets with the mine stream and the Olifants River. We are hoping to get the results by the end of the month.💪💪💪.......... 

You can read more about SEJN's fantastic work on their community monitors blog.