Most of EMG's publications and reports relating to our programme work can be found as downloads in the relevant box on the right of the screen.

Other publications are listed below on this page. If the publication is not downloadable, please phone Raziyah (021 448 2881) to order a hard copy. Some downloads are also available in hard copy. A fee may be charged.

Case studies

snoek en patat picture smallSnoek en Patat
A case study about the relationship between EMG and Goedverwacht as we learned about climate chamge together

EMG Fact Sheet Series

Factsheet #1: Fracking Facts and Key Messages

Civil Society Social media 1 

Factsheet #2: Why the water sector needs civil society

Water Energy 2

Factsheet #3: The Water-Energy Nexus

WMD Social media 1

Factsheet #4: Water management devices

Water & Climate Change Policy Briefs

Policy Brief #1 - May 2014Policy Brief #2 - September 2014
Policy Brief #3 - July 2015

Untold Stories

In an attempt to make EMG's work more "visible", we comissioned writers, photographers, graphic artists and web-sepcialists to help us articulate something of the essense of what we do. The result is four Untold Stories which can be accessed with the click of a button!

General Issues

What is Action Research?

Organisational Reports

Downloadable Summary Annual Reports are available for the years 2016,  20152014, 2013, 201220112010200920062005200420022000 and 1998.

Our Organisational Report 2002-2007 (5Mb) takes a more reflective (although a bit outdated) look at our work.

DVDs (all at R50)

Leaks, debt and devices: a community seeks alternatives (2013, 6 min) - Another side of "water management devices"

The Sea Gives Me Hope - Artisanal fishers in changing times (2013, 4 min) - A brief look at some of the issues facing small-scale fishers and their concerns about climate change.

Adapting to the wild side: Climate friendly rooibos (2009, 18 min and 10 min versions) - Small-scale farmers in the Suid-Bokkeveld harvest wild rooibos as well as cultivated varieties. This DVD illustrates how the farmers have learned to adapt to the threats of climate change.

Water is Life (2008) - A look at some of the issues facing water-stressed communities

Water and climate change - An look at South Africa's water issue through a climate change lens.

Rainwater harvesting - An illustration of what can be done, and is being done at a community level.

Everybody's cup of tea - Living sustainably in a dry land - This video documents the challenges facing small-scale Rooibos farmers in the Suid-Bokkeveld, their subsequent decision to form a co-operative to market their organic and fair-trade certified tea, and the benefits this has brought to the community.

Ways of being with planet earth in four proverbs (2002) - Four different illustration of what it means to live off the earth.

Water Services

Ilitha Lomso and a community's struggle for water (2004) megan Anderson, EMG (170KB)

Water Leaks Project, Harare, Khayelitsha: Phase One (2004) Linda Martindale, EMG (850KB)

Msunduzi: A community perspective on water delivery (2004) Julie Smith, EMG (3.15MB)

Water Privatisation in Southern Africa: The State of the Debate (2001) Bond, McDonald, Ruiters & Greef, EMG

Environmental Governance

The Millenium Development Goals: A guide for South African civil society (2005) Chimphango,, EMG

Implementation Barriers to Sustainable Development - Sustainability Watch 2006 Report (2006) Sustainability Watch

NEPAD and sustainable development:Ecological implications(2003) Annie Chimpango, EMG

The World Comes To One Country -- An insider history of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2003) Jessica Wilson & Victor Munnik, Heinrich Boll Foundation

Trading the Summit - Nomsa goes to the WSSD (2002) Illustrated by Carlos Amato, EMG

Towards Sustainable Development in South Africa: A discussion paper (1992) EMG

World Commission on Dams

Final Report, Southern African Hearings for Communities affected by Large Dams (1999), EMG

Applying the WCD Report in South Africa (2004) ed. Penny Urquhart, SA Multistakeholder Initiative on WCD / EMG (Summary and Substantive Report)

Trade Environment and Sustainable Development

This series of "pocket-sized" briefing papers on a range of issues, published in 2001, but still highly relevant.

Sustainable Consumption (1.3MB)

National Environmental Management Act (1MB)

Rooibos tea trade and small-scale production (760KB)

Trading in Nuclear Power and Pebble-beds (510KB)

Sustainable Agriculture (6.4MB)

Fisheries (8.1MB)

Mining (880KB)

Regional Integration (1.2MB)



Water & Climate Change - Resources

Water and climate change - an exploration for the concerned and curious (2011) ed. Jessica Wilson, EMG, Cape Town - Hardcopy for R60, or download it in sections -- Main Text (2.1MB), Photo Essay (2.4MB), Guest Essays (380KB)  

Water demand management's shadow side: Tackling inequality and scarcity of water provision in Cape Town (2012) Taryn Pereira and Jessica Wilson, EMG Water & Climate Change Research Series Report 7 (315KB PDF)

The Energy-Water Nexus: Energy demand on water resources (2012) Brenda Martin & Robert Fischer, EMG Water & Climate Change Research Series Report 5 (973KB PDF)

You can't have your gas and drink your water (2012) Liane Greeff, EMG Water & Climate Change Research Series Report 6 (1.3MB PDF)

Drought in Eden: An exploration of municipality responses, community impacts and lesson for water and climate change from the 2009/10 drought in the southern Cape (2010) Taryn Pereira (1.8MB)

Climate Change and Water Services in SA (2009) Jessica Wilson & Taryn Pereira, EMG (500KB)

Climate change mitigation in the water sector: or how to reduce the carbon footprint of water (2009) Taryn Pereira, EMG (1.7MB)

Household Impacts of Water management Devices (2009) Taryn Pereira, EMG (128KB)

Water Handbook for South African activist and decision makers in urban areas (2008), Jessica Wilson EMG (2nd edition)

Straight Talk: To strengthen delivery in the water services sector (2009) Water Dialogues SA Syntheses Report, Ed. Mary Galvin,Water Dialogues SA

The story of an international multistakeholder process (2009) Chapman & Mancini  The Water Dialogues, London

A guide to multistakeholder work (2009) Hilary Colby, The Water Dialogues, London

Thirstyville is not for sale (2003) Illustrated by Carlos Amato, EMG

Climate Change - Resources

This easy-to-read, 4-page "beginners guide" to climate change. Climate Change and Global Warming (2011) by Heidee Swanby & Stephen Law, EMG, will tell you all you need to know.
... Ook in Afrikaans - 'n kort-en-kragtig, maklik om te lees stuk Klimaatverandering en Aardverwarming
NEW! NEW! isiXhosa...  Ukutshintsha kwemozulu kunye nesomiso

Want more? Download these Six Facts about climate change... then move on to A brief guide to Global Warming (2007) by Jessica Wilson & Stephen Law (published by Robinson, London). We have no more copies in stock, but it is available from Amazon and Goodreads in hard copy and e-book format.

EMG is part of the consortium responsible for planning, writing and launching this fantastic resource for anyone involved in community-based adaptation work. Participatory Adaptation Handbook : A practitioner's guide for facilitating people centred adaptation to climate change (3.1MB PDF) , and a set of facilitation cards Experiental Learning for Adaptation  (945KB). Alternatively contact us for a hard-copy (R100) while stocks last.

EMG has worked alongside small-scale rooibos farmers of the Suid-Bokkeveld for many years. Download this summary of our work and approach entitled Adaptation with a human face: Lessons learned from an ongoing adaptation and learning process (2012) by Noel Oettle, EMG (380KB) or contact us for a copy of the full report.

Into history? Download this 2-pager summary of the most important scientific and political milestones in the debate.... The Science and Politics of Climate Change - A summary timeline Stephen Law and Jessica Wilson 

These thoughs on how climate change may impact food security, were first presented to a Public Forum 2010 hosted by AIDC

This report was commissioned by Both ENDS, The Netherlands. The title says it all. The social and environmental consequences of coal mining in South Africa: A case study (2010) Victor Munnik, EMG

Fair Trade - Resources

Farm worker training manual (1.2MB) This manual was developed as part of our ongoing work to offer training and skills development for small scale farmers and farm workers. This training manual covers issues of the how the economy works, the role of trade in the economy... and will help farm workers get a better understanding of how that fit into the wider agricultural economy. Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar

A Practical Guide to Fair Trade Premium Projects for Small Farmers and Joint Bodies is a joint publication (together with Fair Trade South Africa and the City of Cape Town). It is aimed at FLO certified small-farmers and farm-worker Joint Bodies, and explores the processes and rules around managing and spending FLO premium funds. It is written in a simple, eary-to-read style and gives a large number of real life examples.

Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar!

A beginners guide to alternative trade and fair trade in South Africa (104KB PDF) is a combined English/Afrikaans version. The booklet provides an overview of the basic issues relating to fair trade in South Africa.

The Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT) produces a regular Newsletter 

Rural Development - Resources

Co-published (2015) by the UNCCD and Tudor Rose, Living Land includes a chapter on EMG's work with small-scale rooibos farmers in the Northern Cape.

The Sustainable Harvest of Wild Rooibos, (2007) Noel Oettle and Rhoda Malgas, EMG (2.1MB) -- ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar by EMG

Juweel van die Berge: Handleiding vir die organiese rooibosboer (2002) Oettle, EMG

Amazing Grace – A mealie farmer’s story (2002), Illustrated by Carlos Amato, EMG & Biowatch, 2nd Ed.

Capitalising on local knowledge - Community knowledge exchange: A toolkit for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of community-to-community knowledge and learning exchanges (2002), Oettle & Koelle, Toolkit 1 - Methodological overview & case studies, Toolkit 2 - Guidelines for Implementation , World Bank

Everybody's cup of tea: Community Action and Rooibos tea (2001) Noel Oettle